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Allianz – Fast Offer from Robben

We have told Allianz Turkey’s two-step fast automobile and traffic insurance service with one of the world’s fastest football players, Arjen Robben and the positions, which he turns into scores in two steps.

Offer in 2 Steps

Allianz Turkey developed a new, 2-step online system, a very fast one, ruling out all boring formalities and long forms in automobile and traffic insurance offers Therefore, we collaborated with one the world’s fastest football players, Arjen Robben, to announce this incredibly fast system, where users can get an offer just by typing their ID and license plate number.

The Fast One Wins!

We made sure that everyone heard about the fast speed of the system in a video we shot at Munich Allianz Arena with Robben and we showed Robben’s 2-step scoring moves to explain the 2-step process on website.