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Škoda – When you become a mother – Mother’s Day Campaign.

Our brand Škoda wanted to draw attention to the problems of women in traffic in Mother's Day.

In Turkey the women audience known to follow traffic rules the most. Especially mothers traveling with their children are very careful about these rules. Female drivers pay attention to all traffic rules as the do carry their children during travel in the car; but unfortunately as get reactions as they do stop in yellow light or adapting to speed limit. On Mother's Day, we wanted to set up a communication that would destroy prejudice against female drivers in traffic. We rationalized why female drivers and especially mothers were standing in yellow light, why they follow speed limit, why they give pedestrians priority on the road, and many more in accordance with the Mother's Day concept.

When you become a mother…

We have prepared a TVC to thank our mothers who are with us and to draw attention to the problems experienced by the mother drivers in every journey we have made throughout our lives. In our TVC, we have dealt with mothers' slowing in the yellow light, the speed limit etc. and the reactions they received from other drivers. By our TVC we wanted to explain why mothers follow the traffic rules and what kind of reactions they get while driving.

Medium Usage

In order to increase the visibility of our campaign, we created 6-second bumpers for the conditions we wanted to draw attention to. In addition to our video-oriented works, we also published press releases and targeted ads for newspaper. Lastly, we made created stickers for cars with our slogan which we distribute in our dealers for WoM effect.