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Philips – Mother’s Day #Annemoji Campaign

Our brand Philips wanted to draw attention to the products, which know mothers best.

And we reviewed our following expression of the brand ‘’The Technology that knows your mother best’’ and integrated the same with the following expression ‘’Emoji that identifies your mother best’’, i.e., the popular emojies that mothers have used in recent periods to express their feelings. Thus, we have found the formula that will include the children in the campaign, who are our target population.

Enis Arıkan and Aunt Selma present: Annemoji

In the campaign, we included Enis Arıkan, who demonstrates us in any video the best examples of lovely communication of mothers and children in social media, and his mother Aunt Selma in our project. We created a video content, in which Enis estimates through which emoji his mother will react in certain conditions. Once following phrase by Aunt Selma; ‘’I gave birth to him’’ in the video was liked a lot, we immediately created 2 ‘’I gave birth to him’’ emoji and had the same voted by our followers through a survey on Instagram. We created an emoji specific to Aunt Selma on Mother’s Day that expresses her feelings best. This was at the same time an announcement for our #Annemoji contest. Furthermore, we introduced Aunt Selma with the Technologies that understand her best. We had the happiness of delivering our brand and message to the target population and our consumers through an accurate language, in an accurate environment with the correct influencer!

Social Media Contest Setup

With the posts showing certain situations as part of the #Annemoji contest, we asked the children in the campaign to guess through which emoji their mothers would respond if their mothers were in the same situation.

Our Resuls

On social media, we obtained 6M single access and 12,5M views in total. While it increased up to 2,5 times the average with 87% completion rate of the video, we achieved a target of 103% in the sales.



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