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A 100% local game that is shaped by the requests of the community inside!


Developed in Turkey by Turkish engineers and designers, Z.U.L.A has reached over 10 million players in only 3 years. Furthermore, it has spread overseas and quickly become a global Turkish game played in more than 100 countries with over 10 different language options thanks to global broadcasting partnerships. This success, of course, brought up the question of how the gamer community that is already present should be managed. Especially in a market dominated by foreign games, next steps had to be real, sincere and efficient to form a loyal fan base. Since Z.U.L.A was a 100% local game, then its communication had to be shaped regarding the requests by the community itself. Henceforth, we have started our “Community Management” communication under the roof of “100% Your Game”.


We have realized the idea in where the community itself is gathered – right inside Z.U.L.A game. We have reshaped the game based on the choices and desires of the gamer community. For instance, the game was played on local maps such as a neighborhood in Üsküdar, Metro station in 4. Levent or a Wedding Ball Room in Sultanbeyli… All new maps and items to be added to the game were completely determined by the game community. Many maps like Trabzon Uzun Çayır, Çanakkale Map or Syria Refugee Camp were requested by the users, developed and brought into the game by us. Yet, intervening to the context of the game or its constant shaping upon requests were not quite common situations. Using all the advantages of being a complete local game, we made them feel even more comfortable and close to the game by allowing all the alterations within the game decided by the users. Another platform we were in touch with was undoubtedly YouTube. Gamer community was also organic content creators. They shared their own videos whilst playing, as well as enjoyed watching others play. Gaming and YouTube could not be thought apart from each other. Therefore, we started airing “Zulatuber” project. With this project, we motivated users to create quality content about Z.U.L.A. When videos reached a certain viewing number, we rewarded them with Z.U.L.A gold.


2018 - Effie 2018 / Altın - Community Management
2018 - Kristal Elma 2018 / Kristal - Community Management


As we are living in a time when collecting “user generated content” is getting harder and less common each day, our target audience have uploaded more than 3.000 unique YouTube Z.U.L.A gaming videos per day. This kind of production was only possible with a pure dedication and love for the brand. Z.U.L.A, which listens its gamer base, and shaped upon the requests of the community, has become a very loved brand, in return. This amazing achievement has been praised and awarded many times within the market. Besides, with Effie and Kristal Elma awards under “Community Management” category, this major success has been validated.