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HUAWEİ – Happy April 23rd Brother Barış (Barış Abi)

Every year brands celebrate special occasions such as Mother’s & Father’s Days, Valentine’s Day. As a technology brand, Huawei Turkey, wanted to reinforce the emotional bond with its consumers by making a special video to celebrate April 23rd, The National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.


When it’s about kids and Children’s Day, there was only one name that can mean something to everyone from 7 to 77. It is non other than Barış Manço, who had a unique communication with kids and who had a special place in all of ours childhood with the best festive song ever written. All of us had dreamed to be on the “Adam Olacak Çocuk” programme, and envied those who could. So we celebrated Barış Abi’s Children’s Day with those kids we once envied, the kids to became adults. We brought together Batıkan and Doğukan Manço with the kids “to become adults” in a video. In this video we interpreted all together the very best festive song for our Brother Barış. We shot our video with the latest phone that Huawei launched, Huawei P 20 Pro.


Within the rush of our daily lifes, there aren’t many who remembers the best part of our lives, our childhood. So we went to the roots of The National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, and we treated the basic concept of the day, the childhood with its simplest state. While on it, we wanted to touch everyone and to connect emotionally with everybody, from 7 to 77 in this atmospere of polarization of today’s Turkey.


2018 - Kristal Elma 2018 / Silver - Digital, Social Media and Activation, Branded Content
2018 - Felis 2018 / Honorable Mention - Movie, Consumer Electronics


We reached 2.5 Million views in 3 days. We had %40 rate of full view despite the video’s 2.20 mins length. We rose to high spots in YouTube’s trend list. With zero media spent, we were at the news report for four days including 3 prime times. We were organically present in the prime time where brands spends a lot to be in. We nearly had no bad comments among thousands.