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Opet - Father’s Day Commercial Film

By Opet and Pure which does not include fathers To all heroes who farther from the heart, not based on blood relation...


Special days are always a good opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. But there was a detail that we overlooked. ”Some special days were not that special for some people.“

There were people whose parents were not alive on special days such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, and even they were alive, they were not included in these people lives, so these people felt sad and depressed during these special days. This time, instead of making the most watched, popular film of Fathers Day, we aimed to embrace those who feel sorry on these days. With the connection to be established in a way to incorporate them as well, we wanted to remind them that they were not alone.


We have expanded the definition of “father” beyond its known meaning. On this special day, we decided to celebrate the concept of fatherhood, not fathers, and we made a very special film.

There were no biological fathers in the sense we were used to in the film, but when a child was afraid, when he/she needed support, when he/she felt alone, there were different role models that made him/her feel “safe”, the strongest emotion assigned to the father figure. A grandfather who does not have a first-degree blood relation but dotes upon his grandchild, a single mother who is both a mother and a father to her child, a master who leads and mentors his apprentice... In other words, heroes who farther from the heart, not based on blood relation.


2018 - Stevie 2018 / Bronz - PR Other


The comments about the film, which brought forward different family types, parental models, non-standard families, on the social media platforms are the most important proof that we have achieved our goal. In addition to expressing their appreciation, people also shared their experience in the comment section. This was the clearest indication of how much they owned the film.

This sense of ownership and love were reflected on the figures. 18M access was provided on social media channels with approximately 6.5M viewing. The film has more than 200,000 likes. But most importantly, a film was born which people who feel sad on Fathers' Day can share with the people they accept as the father figure.