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Philips Picture of Your Heart

In our society, there is a belief that congenital heart diseases are seen in men over 45 years of age. As a health brand, Philips also wanted to emphasize that it was a way of improving life with early diagnosis and correct treatment by drawing attention to congenital heart diseases.


Although Philips was known as a brand producing home technologies in Turkey, it was also producing technologies in health sector and it was not very well known.

As a continuation of the Sound of Your Hearth project carried out in the previous year, we launched the Picture of Your Heart project. With the project, we aimed to draw attention to the fact that heart diseases may also be at young ages, and to create awareness of the disease can be overcome through early diagnosis and correct treatment.

Picture of Çınar’s Heart

The interview with Çınar, 6-year-old congenital heart patient determined the direction of our project. In the first phase of our campaign, we prepared an animation film with animals of Çınar who likened his heart to a huge zoo and pointed out the importance of early diagnosis and correct treatment. In our micro site and social media accounts, we continued the awareness communication again with Çınar’s animals. We made another film in the progressive phase. In addition to Çınar’s story, we told the story of 25-year-old İbrahim, who has congenital heart disease. Thus, we shared with everyone that life can get better thanks to early disease and correct treatment.

For spreading our campaign, we also used influencers, especially mothers followed. We delivered the coloring books we made with Çınar’s animals freely in the activities attended by the mothers. At the conference we held, we also shared the purpose of our project with the journalists.


2018 - Felis 2018 / Başarı Ödülü - Illustration
2018 - Felis 2018 / Başarı Ödülü - Bilinçlendirme/Farkındalık Kampanyası / Awareness Campaign
2018 - Kristal Elma 2018 / Bronz - Sosyal Sorumluluk Kategorisi / Social Responsibility
2017 - DPID / Bronz - Genç Jüri Ödülü / Young Jury Award
2017 - DPID / Gümüş - Best Technologiy Usage
2017 - DPID / Altın - Lansman Aktiviteleri / Launch Activities


Animation and patient story film were watched 3.781.729 times in total with a completion rate of 57%.
The videos of 8 influencers that we agreed on were viewed more than 737 thousand times.
423K people came to micro site, spent more than 5 minutes.
In activities, coloring book was delivered to 1000 mothers freely.
We met with 33 journalists at the press conference. Our project was news on 70 different channels. More than 1.753 thousand of people were reached through the press.
More than 11 million accesses, more than 95M interaction were reached in total.
We have had almost zero negative comments on shared videos thanks to our story’s emotional tie with target group and approach apart from cliches.