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Allianz On Road – Viral Campaign

Allianz wanted to advertise its roadside assistance service “Allianz On Road” with a disruptive method on digital and mobile platforms. We started the launch campaign by creating viral videos like never before.

Amateur Towers On Duty

“Fail compilation videos”, a big hit social platforms, were mixed with the tabloid news format, that we are accustomed to, hence creating our hilarious content. The videos we created were mistaken for real events and they were all over the Internet in a fast and organic way.


The viral videos were viewed by 2.5 millions people in just a day, followed by “Berke”, the name of main character, hitting the trending topics chart on Twitter within minutes. Since the project was thought to be real, it aired on almost 400 national and local news websites. Having had 10 million organic views, annotation links on videos directed viewers to an infographic video, in which the service was explained.


2017 - Kırmızı Ödülleri / Kırmızı Ödülü - Viral Video
2017 - MIXX Awards Türkiye / Bronz - Launch Works
2017 - MIXX Awards Türkiye / Bronz - Online Advertising Films and Viral
2017 - DPID / Gümüş - Young Jury Award
2017 - DPID / Gold - Viral Marketing Activities
2017 - DPID / Gold - Integrated Interactive Campaign
2016 - Felis / Felis - Viral Video
2016 - Felis / Felis - Digital Limited Integrated Campaign
2016 - Felis / Felis - Branded Content
2016 - Kristal Elma / Silver - Viral Category
2016 - Digital Communication Awards Berlin / 1 - Product Launch