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Mother's Day Commercial Film

From Huawei and Pure New Media to the Last Generation Who Could not Accumulate Memories


Mother’s Day is the first of the important special occasions given importance at most in Turkey. And Huawei as a Chinese technology brand newly entered to Turkey market, wanted to build an emotional tie with Turkish people. We aimed to do this with a special day communication, namely Mother’s Day.


Not only the most special moments but every moment we can easily accumulate anymore thanks to the smartphones in our pocket. We aimed to reach the last generation who could not accumulate memories and their children with the technology of Huawei P20 Pro, which is groundbreaking in mobile photography and can easily protect memories. In the film where we talked childhood memories given to mothers by their children, we have carried out our communication by putting the memories given as a gift with the product first more than the product itself.


We received almost zero negative comments on social media channels by approaching Mother’s Day from a different perspective. We achieved 3M monitoring with approximately 7M interaction on social media channels.