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Philips PowerPro City – Digital Communication Campaign

For Philips’ PowerPro City vacuum cleaner product that was to be launched to a mass audience, we came up with “Philips PowerPro City, for you the best attracter” tagline as our main slogan. We have prepared a YouTube pre-roll series consisting of 4 videos.

Philips PowerPro City, For You The Best Attracter

Mixing different kinds of house life insights of different types of target audience with product benefits, we made videos as practical, fast and “attractive” as Philips PowerPro City. Since our medium was the Internet, we decided that Larissa and Burak Gacemer were the best representative of our audience as social media influencers.

What should Larissa and Burak attract?

With the question, “What should Larissa and Burak attract?”, we led users to product related videos.

1- attract bad energy
2- attract the child of your guest
3- attract clumsy help
3- attract a very sudden friend visit