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Philips TV – That moment when you watch campaign

Our brand TP Vision wanted to localize “That Moment When” campaign, which is its global strategy for 2018.

And we reviewed the expression in the first instance. In consideration of the sensuous formation of Philips Ambilight TVs, we formulated the expression as follows; “The moment when you felt X, The moment when you watched Philips TV!”. Thus we achieved a pattern that can make our expression flexible based on the utilization habits of our target population.

Visual World

Philip Ambilight TV reflects the colors on the screen to the wall and the room real-time thanks to its smart LEDs. Thus the users do not only watch TV bur they also feel the image. While building our visual world, we put the magnificent atmosphere of Philips Ambilight TVs in the center of our designs. We produced creative designs which indicate that watcher feel as if they were exactly inside the atmosphere in the TV. We used such designs on digital platforms and social media.

Online Film

In order to disseminate The Moment When you felt campaign to reach the large masses, we prepared 2 online films. While preparing the first of these films for the target population before 2018 World Cup, we created the second film in consideration of female watchers. We further disseminated our online movies in social platforms and social media.


2017 - Felis 2017 / Başarı Belgesi - Creative use of data