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Opet – We Changed Our Perspective – Social Media Communication Campaign

Opet, our brand, wanted to become different with its contents in the world of social media where fuel oil and automotive brands have created more and more similar contents recently, and bring a new perspective in social media and the roads of Turkey.

As Opet, We changed our perspective for social media!

Same perspective has been maintained for the natural beauties of Turkey so far. All drivers on the roads have always seen these beauties from the same point of view. At this point, we made use of a ‘’bird's-eye view’’ perspective from a different eye in order to become different. And we consigned our contents in social media accounts to the drones, which enable us to obtain top views in today’s technology!

First of all, we televised our teaser, made up of the several drone views, recorded all around Turkey and informed our followers with the following hashtag #bakışaçımızdeğişti. With the launch, we desired that our followers would also change their viewpoints and organized a photograph competition, called #bakışaçımızdeğişti, which ensured rather a high number of participants. Then, we prepared all our contents based on the views, obtained with drones and showed the beauties of Turkey to our followers from a perspective, which they have never seen up to now.

Social Media Contest Setup

As part of the campaign, we organized a photograph competition, called #bakışaçımızdeğişti through Instagram. This contest, in which we asked the participants about travel photos, taken with different perspectives, grasped great interest with 3,600 photo posts.


2017 - Social Media Awards / 1 - Best Social Media Management in Fuel Industry


With the Teaser, we obtained; - 2.649.908 views - 1.4167378 accesses - 230.869 interactions - and 2.812 likes in total in our social media accounts. Since April 16, 2018, on which we started the Project, the rate of our likes and interactions on Instagram increased more than 500% and we obtained 4.000 new followers.